Feeling Festive!!

I have been wanting an old red wagon to put in my flower bed.  My mom recently found this one for me at an antique store and gave it to me for my birthday!  I put the flowers in it and I can’t wait for them to fill in!

I also grouped a few pots that I had to make a festive arrangement for the weekend!  The blue and white pots were like they are now but I spray painted the red pot since it was lime green before.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!!!!


Cherry Blossoms

Love me some cherry blossoms

I want to have another wedding so the theme can be cherry blossoms. But I think it might be a little early to renew our vowels.

I always am so sick of winter when January gets here. I’m ready for spring!

This weekend I made some cherry blossoms.

Handmade Cherry Blossoms

I collected some twigs out of my yard. Then I just cut 5 sided flowers out of tissue paper and hot glued them to the twigs. I finished them off with some glitter glue centers.

Hurry up Spring! I miss you!