Welcome to our Patch

Last year I swooned over this picture much like everyone else.  I sent my mom the picture and she said let’s make those benches!  So we got busy with our benches and then life got in the way and there they set for a year unpainted and unfinished.  Until this year I had the urge to get them back out when I spied this photo again.

I wanted my pumpkins to last more than just one year so I went to Hobby Lobby to look for some pumpkins to paint.  Wow are those expensive!!!  The first one I picked up said $34!!!  No thank you!  That is when I talked my friend into doing some paper mache pumpkins with me.  I used this site for the paste recipe.

It was a major project and ended up taking a couple of weeks to finish the pumpkins but here is the final product!

Some (the little white and orange) of the pumpkins aren’t the paper mache but just ones that were in my fall decor.  After I got my benches set up I decided I needed a fall sign to hang above the pumpkins.  So I got out my cricut and came up with this.

Happy Fall!  Any projects you will be finishing up that are over a year old to make me feel like less of a slacker?  Please share!


Feeling Festive!!

I have been wanting an old red wagon to put in my flower bed.  My mom recently found this one for me at an antique store and gave it to me for my birthday!  I put the flowers in it and I can’t wait for them to fill in!

I also grouped a few pots that I had to make a festive arrangement for the weekend!  The blue and white pots were like they are now but I spray painted the red pot since it was lime green before.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!!!!

Heather Ross Fish in Bags Baby Quilt

Heather Ross Baby Quilt
I had a baby shower to go to yesterday and of course like normal “Beth fashion” I waited until the last minute to make a quilt.   When I was looking at my fabrics to decide on which ones to use, I spotted the center of the quilt which is 4 blocks that I had made well over 2 years ago.  Since I was so short on time I decided I would go with those 4 blocks that were already finished and use that in the quilt.
Heather Ross Baby Quilt
The Heather Ross Fish in Bags is one of my all time favorite collections right next to the Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt.
Heather Ross Baby Quilt
The mother didn’t know the gender of the baby and she loved the quilt!  It will be perfect for either.  Coincidentally their favorite college team color is orange.

Simple Dress

I have joined Autum’s challenge to Sew Something in November so I thought it was time to get busy since HELLO!  November is almost over!

First of all I LOVE wrap dresses.  And the sad thing with that is I didn’t own a single one.  They seem like the easiest type of dress to make so I thought I would give it a shot.  I didn’t follow a pattern making this and frankly I didn’t sew much on it either.  The material is a “sweatpants” type so I thought it woudl be cute to leave the edges raw so they would roll up after washing.  And they did exactly that!

The dress I made.

I was very pleased with my results.

The dress I made.

I’m already planning my next wrap dress. I think I might put some fluffy short sleeves on the next one and wear a long sleeve shirt underneath like this for the winter. I have had a fear of sewing clothes and I’m not sure why actually I’m glad I jumped in and tried it because I was actually a little impressed with myself. Another thing with the wrap dress is it is very forgiving in sizing to fit you. Just tie it tighter if you need or let it loose.

P.S.  It felt so good to jump back into sewing it had been entirely too long since I turned my machine on.  I guess my mind has just been set on other things.

The $15 dollar chandelier.

This weekend I went to yard sales with one of my friends.   When we got to one sale I saw this chandelier and knew it would work perfectly in my parents lodge style house they are redoing.   So I bought it and thought if they can’t use it well then it was only $15 anyways. It just needs to be cleaned up a little.


So I took a picture of it and sent it to flickr from my phone then called my mom at work to tell her to get on there to look at it and call me back to tell me if she likes it.


When she called me back she said that was the exact same chandelier that she bought brand new at Lowe’s for her house. She paid $150+ for it new. Well now she has two!