Heather Ross Fish in Bags Baby Quilt

Heather Ross Baby Quilt
I had a baby shower to go to yesterday and of course like normal “Beth fashion” I waited until the last minute to make a quilt.   When I was looking at my fabrics to decide on which ones to use, I spotted the center of the quilt which is 4 blocks that I had made well over 2 years ago.  Since I was so short on time I decided I would go with those 4 blocks that were already finished and use that in the quilt.
Heather Ross Baby Quilt
The Heather Ross Fish in Bags is one of my all time favorite collections right next to the Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt.
Heather Ross Baby Quilt
The mother didn’t know the gender of the baby and she loved the quilt!  It will be perfect for either.  Coincidentally their favorite college team color is orange.


Pardon my French Roses.

My mom and I don’t get to spend much time together lately. She is either working or spending time with my Dad building their dream home. This last Saturday my Dad was working all day long so me and my mom decided we would have a day of sewing. Our quilt of choice this day was the French Roses.

So we went to Hobby Lobby to get some material then came home and got busy! I decided to do Vintage/Gingham and she decided on dark reds and warm yellows.

We started cutting out all our fabrics and having fun laying them out to see what they will look like.
Here are my roses.
French Roses
Here are her roses.
French Roses
It is amazing how it has such a different feel just by changing the colors of the fabrics.

Since she is such and overachiever and I’m a complete slacker, here is her quilt top almost complete. I haven’t even started sewing my flowers together. She is going to add a border around the edge then she will be ready to quilt it and sew sew the binding on.
French Roses
Hopefully I will be able to show you my quilt almost finished soon. But then again I wouldn’t count on it. 😉

Enter to win in the Goodies Giveaway!

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I am trying to gather quilt blocks and fabric to make an owl quilt. Like a lot of fellow addicts I am crazy about OWLS! I will be giving away all the goodies pictured ABOVE on December 1st. To enter at a chance to win the goodies you must either send me a fat quarter of owl fabric OR you may send me a 10×10 inch square quilt block with an owl that you have made on the quilt block. (EXAMPLES BELOW)
Owl Quilt Ideas


To sign up:

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Here is a link to the giveaway on flickr.

Home alone with a pot of coffee….that’s dangerous!

Home alone with a pot of coffee...that's dangerous!

Vanilla Biscotti by Folgers. Actually was really good! Try it!

I have been REALLY productive lately I’m proud of myself.

First let’s talk about the Cowgirl Cozylilcover. It is not really my style but I think it turned out pretty cute.
Cowgirl Carseat Cover
Cowgirl Carseat Cover

Then a matching quilt to go with it.
Cowgirl Quilt

I also finished some swaps and got them off to their new homes! Hope they like them, I will post pics of them later. Hope your having a good weekend.

I’m back!

Finally life has settled down a bit for me. I have been working on a charm quilt.
Finished top.
Disappearing Nine Patch

It is the disappearing nine patch. This quilt went really quick. I worked on it a total of three nights after I got off work. I was going to do the back in Chez Moi by Moda but I thought that the front was busy enough so I decided to do the back in plain blue. I finished it off with a cute little quilting pattern that I think looks good with the fabric. You can’t really see the quilting on the front that much but that is a good thing it hides the mistakes better. 🙂

Here is the back with the quilting.

Quilting Detail

Tonight I will do the binding and I can’t decide if I want to list the quilt in my etsy shop or keep it. It is really the perfect size for a baby girl. Up next…….something with warm fall colors.

Quilt are all sorts of emotion sewn together.

I love how quilts are sooooo sentimental. You have that indescribable joy when you are given a quilt. My great-grandmother passed away this last December. Grandma Goldie made millions of quilts. But did she have any of them?…not a one! She gave every quilt she made away, never sold one of them in her life. They were all gifts. I think giving a quilt as a gift shows a great big heart. Taking all of your hard labor and giving it to that special person that shows true love. I married the man of my dreams Sept 05 and in the wedding invitations that we send out I included a plain white square of fabric along with a card reading:

Buttons, bows, ribbon or lace.
Best wishes to the couple,
On your quilt space!

Then I included a self addressed stamped envelope along so they could send me all their work! The responses were way better than I expected. I LOVED getting those blocks back. Everyday I couldn’t wait to check the mail! I felt let down when none came that day. But after receiving them all I pieced the quilt together also using some fabrics of light pink and green (my wedding colors). Then my dad built a wall hanging shelf for the quilt and it even has some light to shine down. I also put the quilt up for display at the wedding everyone loved seeing their work all put together. I can’t wait until I’m the great-grandma to pass this quilt on in the generations to come. I hope for it to be a hot family item! Also in the middle of the quilt I put a picture the newly weds. Time flies when your married….that must mean I’m having fun!

 I have an infatuation with ladybugs…my dad made me this block.
My mom made some pretty yoyo flowers.

And there was even one for the hubby, he has a C5 sometimes I think he loves that more than he does me. He he jk.

Keep watching I am going to post some other quilts that I have made.