Granny time duh duh dundt dah duh dundt

My first granny square…..

O thats right it’s not square is it?… This is what happens when you try to teach yourself how to crochet. And this…

I have no explanation for the daisy I just started twirling and whirling the yarn around the hook and out popped a daisy!Ok, ok here is the first REAL granny. Don’t look too closely because all those stitches are wrong I later found out! Umm and maybe the fact that it doesn’t lay flat I had to beat it down to take the picture.



Well here is my second attempt at a granny square………………………….

I still need lots of practice but at least they are squares now! I’m having major problems ending the yarn! Last Thursday Holly and I went to Goodwills in Wichita, KS! It was so fun! O and we also HAD to stop off at some fabric stores. Anyways, here is Ladybug trying out my new crocheted throw. It was a score at $3.00!

And notice here on her ear how there is a white looking tip that’s not fur. I have been painting and looks like she was somewhere she shouldn’t have been!