Home alone with a pot of coffee….that’s dangerous!

Home alone with a pot of coffee...that's dangerous!

Vanilla Biscotti by Folgers. Actually was really good! Try it!

I have been REALLY productive lately I’m proud of myself.

First let’s talk about the Cowgirl Cozylilcover. It is not really my style but I think it turned out pretty cute.
Cowgirl Carseat Cover
Cowgirl Carseat Cover

Then a matching quilt to go with it.
Cowgirl Quilt

I also finished some swaps and got them off to their new homes! Hope they like them, I will post pics of them later. Hope your having a good weekend.

Im a twin!

A long lost twin that is! It all started out when I joined the Bag Ladies Swap and noticed on the likes/dislikes post that there was someone who had alot of the same likes/dislikes as me.


Red, Aqua, Black and White
Vintage anything!
Pincushions and Thimbles
Vintage/Retro Prints-especially stuff from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s
‘Ditsy Prints’
Linen-plain or with little prints-like Japanese style
Hedgehogs! So cute! Hello Kitty, too.
Amy Butler, Tracy Porter, Alexander Henry, Michael Miller type stuff
Shabby Chic
Beads or Pendants or Charms-Silver, not gold. (I’m a bracelet whore!)
Can always use ribbons and buttons and yo-yo’s!
Chenille and Minkee! Even just little scraps or squares!
Anything felted or crocheted or knitted! Three crafts I just cannot perfect-or even come close to some resemblance of! (My granny squares turn into triangles! No lie!)

Slippery Fabrics (lol!)
Anything too formal looking…does that make sense?
Big, bold florals
Not really into cat prints. Reminds me of my mother-in-law! HA!
Country Style stuff
Licensed fabrics (except Hello Kitty that I can use for myself and my girls, and not make something to sell.)


Pink, Red and Aqua, and Brown too!
Polka Dots
Shabby Chic
Med/Large Purses
Extra Detail
Vintage/Retro Prints
I LOVE Hedgehog prints

Large floral couch prints
Victorian floral prints
Purple (unless it is a small amount in a print)

Isn’t that crazy! We are both random and say totally of the wall things in a time where no one would ever be thinking of what we are thinking of. So if you want to meet her and see for yourself how strange it is!

Also I finished something this week! It is a diaper bag, nappy style.