Front Door and Feeling Gray

I painted my front door “Pottery Glaze” from Valspar and now I’m thinking about distressing it but not sure yet.  I guess I will give it a few weeks and see if I still want to.

I’m also trying to pick a lighter gray for my living/dining/hall area.

The bottom three pretty much look to be the same color.  I’m kind of thinking either one of the top ones or the first bottom one on the left.  The top left one is Valspar Gray Silt and the right is Valspar Smoked Oyster.  The bottom left one is a Lowe’s color match for Sherwin Williams Analytical Gray.


Lamp Love

I am on the hunt for some new living room lamps.  I want something that is clear aqua glass with a big light bulb shape.  The problem is I can’t really find what I’m searching for. 

So far this is what I have found:


Found here $140.  Love the shape and color but not the price.

Then we have this for $50 which isn’t a bad price at all but just not in love with the shape:


I also found this lamp base at Lowe’s for $34.97:


Which might look cute with this shade from Target for $19.99:


What do you think?


Hello again…

Wow, it has been a while!   I have lots to talk about (lucky you) and I think I’m ready to be back!   So much has happened since I was here last…infertility, loss, pregnancy, my baby turning 1, career changes, home changes, and much more!

After spiraling into some slight depression after multiple miscarriages I quit being crafty and quit decorating.   But, here I am on the other side of things with a baby girl now.  Her name is Piper and she is the light of my life.   Since having her I have become a SAHM and I’m starting to feel my old self coming back.  Even just in the past week the urge has grown so strong to be creative that I can fight it no longer and I’m excited to get things looking cute around here!

In the past 3 years my house has become a cluttered hodge podge of decor and it isn’t pretty, let me tell you!  I’m home so much more now that I have plenty of time to stare at these walls and see the changes I want made.  Today is the the day, the first day of getting things the way I want them around here.  My style has changed alot in the past few years and so lots of things in my house are no longer welcome here!

Well I guess I will go get to work now and get you some before/after pics too!

Before I go though let me introduce you to my sunshine, my joy, and my world!