Simple Dress

I have joined Autum’s challenge to Sew Something in November so I thought it was time to get busy since HELLO!  November is almost over!

First of all I LOVE wrap dresses.  And the sad thing with that is I didn’t own a single one.  They seem like the easiest type of dress to make so I thought I would give it a shot.  I didn’t follow a pattern making this and frankly I didn’t sew much on it either.  The material is a “sweatpants” type so I thought it woudl be cute to leave the edges raw so they would roll up after washing.  And they did exactly that!

The dress I made.

I was very pleased with my results.

The dress I made.

I’m already planning my next wrap dress. I think I might put some fluffy short sleeves on the next one and wear a long sleeve shirt underneath like this for the winter. I have had a fear of sewing clothes and I’m not sure why actually I’m glad I jumped in and tried it because I was actually a little impressed with myself. Another thing with the wrap dress is it is very forgiving in sizing to fit you. Just tie it tighter if you need or let it loose.

P.S.  It felt so good to jump back into sewing it had been entirely too long since I turned my machine on.  I guess my mind has just been set on other things.