What a year!!!

They say the older you get the faster time goes.  Quite true.
January was full of great times with friends!
February we celebrated an 85th Birthday with Clay’s granddad!
Happy Birthday Grandad Ritter!
Clay had an actual Birthday this year since he is a leap year baby!
He celebrated the big 6!!! (24)
Clay's Birthday Cake
March mom and I made French Rose quilts! Here’s hers.
French Roses
In April I painted a birdbath and my front door!
painted birdbath
Front Door with Wreath
And had my wisdom teeth taken out. Fun fun.
I'm loved!
May I rode a mean horse named Fred.
Up high.
June we built a privacy fence and I got a new patio set for my birthday.
Birthday Present
July brought a new addition to the family…
August was a hard month.   Friends and family helped me get through an ectopic pregnancy, laparoscopy surgery, methotrexate and plenty of disappointment.
September I was thankful for 3 wonderful years of marriage and best friends to act crazy with!
Holly and I
October was a fun month with Halloween and popcorn balls!
November we were goofs and enjoyed crazy company.
Beth and Lacey
And December was jam packed with last minute Holiday sewing and great food, friends, and family!
Multimedia message
Denyse Schmidt Quilt
Hope you have a Happy New Year!!! See in the 2009!!!