Short and Stout

On my way home from work I decided that I was going to have some tea when I got home to unwind and relax from my hard days work. *snicker*

Tea time.

Later that night I was on the couch watching American Idol and my husband was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. This is part of his little house wife tendencies. When out of the blue he says, “Is this little teapot short and stout?”. I just smiled and told him he was a dork and went on with my AI.

Afternoon tea.

What kind of tea do you drink? What is your favorite?


3 responses to “Short and Stout

  1. haha what a funny moment. maybe next time he’ll do the dance. I really enjoy any jasmine tea orchid oolong. I highly recommend anything from harney and sons and mighty leaf!

  2. oh geez, i can totally hear him saying that. he cracks me up!
    cute pic, btw looks like its out of a magazine! 😀

  3. I somehow came across this site while shopping for fiesta ware.Normally I would of just kept on going but I stopped and viewed and now I have to comment:) You are one very talanted young lady!

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