Cherry Blossoms

Love me some cherry blossoms

I want to have another wedding so the theme can be cherry blossoms. But I think it might be a little early to renew our vowels.

I always am so sick of winter when January gets here. I’m ready for spring!

This weekend I made some cherry blossoms.

Handmade Cherry Blossoms

I collected some twigs out of my yard. Then I just cut 5 sided flowers out of tissue paper and hot glued them to the twigs. I finished them off with some glitter glue centers.

Hurry up Spring! I miss you!


4 responses to “Cherry Blossoms

  1. Hi Beth,
    Oh, how I love cherry blossoms! I really do love when the bloom each year. I love the version you made, so cute. I have some similar store bought ones that I put out each spring.

  2. I love the cherry blossoms you made so spring like I can hardly wait for spring. I also feel the same way at times I would love to be able to plan my wedding all over again. But I also haven’t been married that long almost 2 years. There are always new ideas, and then it also rained on my wedding day and it was an outdoor wedding

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