Tea Staining

Tea Staining
The above is a picture that was photo shopped for me to try and decide If I want to tea stain the new fabric I have for my kitchen curtains.

Have you ever tried tea staining?

I haven’t. I am about to try it on the left fabric above. I hope to achieve something a little lighter then the after picture on the right.

Here is what I plan to do…

Laurraine from Patchwork Pottery sent me this little how-to:

I would boil a bunch of water in a big pot on the stove and add a box of
orange pekoe and some vinegar ( about 1/2 – 1 cup). Make sure your fabric is
washed to remove the sizing so it will take the stain. Then take a couple
little fabric swatches and test out different lengths of time. You may want
to make the tea mixture stronger or weaker. Rinse in cold water and iron
tea see how it looks. Make sure to keep a swatch of the original fabric for
comparison. A couple more tips… Wet your fabric before you begin and have
enough liquid and a big enough pot so that your fabric is loose and not
scrunched up in the liquid. If it is too tight and you are squishing it in
then you will get uneven splotches (which could be as good thing!)

It is always better to stain it lighter at first because you can always
stain it darker but not the reverse!

If you have done any tea staining, tell me about your experience.


2 responses to “Tea Staining

  1. I’ve never done tea staining before. I’ve seen it done on a decorating show on TV, but never tried it out for myself. Let me know how it turns out…I love a new project!

  2. My guess is that your fabric didn’t turn out as dark as the photo shopped example, right? I have a daughter that has been in school plays and I am always making costumes from earlier eras. I tea stained one item, and it worked well. I am now working on a pioneer costume for her and have a long red dress that needs to be toned down. Any suggestions for dulling a bright red dress?

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