Pure Luck!

Last week I stopped in an Antique Store located in Arkansas City, KS. You would not believe the amount of stuff in this store ladies! It is so full that there is only a walking path through it. Major hoarder situation there. But when you walk in the store you do feel like you have struck pure gold! I made my way through all the fiestaware, vintage christmas bulbs, marbles, cute blue birdcages and found myself searching through piles and piles and piles of fabric in a far right corner of the store.

After digging a bit I found this!
Thrift Shop Score!

There is a whole bolt of it for only $22! It was $22 for the entire bolt! I think it looks a little like AmyButler. I’m not sure what I am going to do with a whole bolt of it but I love it!

I also found these there too…
Thrift Shop Score!
Thrift Shop Score!
Thrift Shop Score!
Thrift Shop Score!

I’m going back sometime this weekend and I am taking my camera! You guys will not believe your eyes on how much stuff is in this store! I wonder if the lady will let me work there? That would be heaven! I would be digging through the stuff ALL DAY!

Is there anything that you want me to look for? I would be more than happy to do so!


6 responses to “Pure Luck!

  1. WHOA!!! I bet those owl and penguin print towels are worth money! I bet there’s alot of stuff in that store worth loads more then you would pay for it! Awesome! I may have to stop in sometime!

  2. Wow! That bolt of fabric is SO beautiful! But knowing me if I were you I’d probably just keep it to look at and pet and never actually use! I’m totally jealous of your thrift store find!

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