Thank you so much Autum for entering my contest and for all the extra goodies you sent along too!
Received from Autum!


Welcome to my Candy Shop….

…the kind you sew with. We have an assortment of things to try.

Jars of Sweets

Big jar of sweet pom poms.

Big Jar of Trim

Try to ignore the fact that the ribbons are crooked and just look at the lanterns.

Still organizing...

Thanks for visiting. Come back when the mess is cleaned up in the rest of the room.

Royal Haeger, U.S.A.

Before/After Owl

Well it is just my luck…

I found this “Owl Planter” at a second hand shop today for $8. So I brought it home and painted it up to be cuter. After painting it I turn it over to see that it has a stamp on the bottom that says “Royal Haeger, U.S.A.” so I decided to look it up online to maybe see if it was worth anything.

Turns out it is a rare piece and is listed in “Haeger Potteries through the years” valued at $100+.

Lesson learned. Always look it up before I paint it!

Although it’s super cute now. It is probably worth nothing.

Pure Luck!

Last week I stopped in an Antique Store located in Arkansas City, KS. You would not believe the amount of stuff in this store ladies! It is so full that there is only a walking path through it. Major hoarder situation there. But when you walk in the store you do feel like you have struck pure gold! I made my way through all the fiestaware, vintage christmas bulbs, marbles, cute blue birdcages and found myself searching through piles and piles and piles of fabric in a far right corner of the store.

After digging a bit I found this!
Thrift Shop Score!

There is a whole bolt of it for only $22! It was $22 for the entire bolt! I think it looks a little like AmyButler. I’m not sure what I am going to do with a whole bolt of it but I love it!

I also found these there too…
Thrift Shop Score!
Thrift Shop Score!
Thrift Shop Score!
Thrift Shop Score!

I’m going back sometime this weekend and I am taking my camera! You guys will not believe your eyes on how much stuff is in this store! I wonder if the lady will let me work there? That would be heaven! I would be digging through the stuff ALL DAY!

Is there anything that you want me to look for? I would be more than happy to do so!

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas….

I bought these trees plain and added the cranberries and greenery to them. My theme for Christmas this year is Cranberries and Pine cones. I will take some more pictures as soon as I am done getting it all decorated!
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

Actually I just realized the red things are probably not cranberries.  Maybe they are mulberry…heck I don’t know.

Dinner in a Pumpkin.

Wash your Pumpkin.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 1
Cut the top of the pumpkin off.
Dinner in a Pumkin - 2
Hollow out pumpkin
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 3
Cut up celery, onion, and bell pepper.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 4
Add chopped up veggies to browned ground beef.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 5
Mix together.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 6
Let simmer until veggies are tender.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 7
Add soy sauce, mushrooms, brown sugar and cooked rice to beef mixture.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 8
Fill pumpkin with beef mixture.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 9
Replace top of pumpkin.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 10
Bake for an hour.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 11
Take out of oven.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 12
Take pumpkin top off.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 13
Enjoy. Recipe said when you scoop out beef mixture make sure you get some pumpkin.
Dinner in a Pumpkin - 14