School days

It is that time of year again for school to be starting. They always say that after you are out of school you will always want to go back. But that is not the case when you are in school, you don’t want to be there.

I graduated from high school back in 2002 and decided then that I was so sick of school that college wasn’t for me. Lately that is not the case, I have been wanting to go to college and become something exciting. Maybe an interior designer, teacher, nurse, fabric designer…..etc. The list could go on I’m sure.

What is stopping me from going to college. Fear of failure, I think that I am too stupid to pass the classes. I’m a very shy person and I do not like the thought of going to a school where I would feel out of place and stupid. But it is a thought I will just kick around in my head for a few more years until I decide what to do.

On a much lighter note. This purse reminds me of a school girl. Maybe it is the colors or maybe it is the print. Either way I think it turned out pretty cute. I am sending it out for a swap-bot swap I was in. It is extremely late and I hope she likes it.
Purse for Jennifer

This was my first time to try this style. I should have made myself a pattern so I could get the same size again.

Here is the flower detail.
Flower Detail

The white fabric with blue flowers came from the thrift shop. I think it is vintage and I love it!


2 responses to “School days

  1. I love the purse!! Great job.
    As far as school goes, have you considered a community college? The classes are smaller and not everyone is fresh out of high school. It’s much cheaper than a university. I’m not sure if the same is true in every state, but in NC, communitly college credits are transferrable. You can get some university credits through a CC and transfer if you decide to.

  2. The purse is gorgeous and I love the fabric – great thrift store find!

    I agree with Autum in that community colleges are a great starting point for all of the reasons she listed and in MD, the credits do transfer as well. Furthermore, many community colleges have awesome 2 year programs in many of the areas that you have expressed an interest in and many offer great job placement and the like. Community colleges today have made great strides in filling a niche for many in our society.

    Lastly, not all programs require tests to enter and even if they did you are capable of passing them. You made a gorgeous bag without a pattern, that is a skill that many people would love to have..I say all of this to say you have skills and talents that are yours and you are capable of achieving anything in life that you desire.

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