What am I doing?

Well the answer to that questions is sitting here on my butt avoiding the things I should be doing!  Like boxing up all this crap piled around me or maybe finishing home projects to get ready for the open house THIS SUNDAY!  Thats right two days away!  I’m just sitting here reading blogs and whatever else I can do to avoid the things that need to be done.  But I’m just so unmotivated.  Big news though we bought a new house!  I’m so excited!  It has a pool that is all I care about.  It could be a cardboard box next to a pool and I would be set!  But it’s not that either it is really nice.  I can’t wait to move in.  As of now we are closing on June 1.  But if we get a contract on the house we live in right now it might end up being a week after that.  I forgot to take a picture of the outside of the house. 😦  But here are a few of the inside.  Also I need some suggestions…Do you see that sage green color in the kitchen?  Well I have fiestaware and the sage green is too “countryish” for my fiesta.  So what do you think would look the best….red, light tealish blue, or a pear/appleish green?  Or any other color that you think of?  Also I’m leaving the living room that khaki color so what one would look best with that too.

Let me know what color you think!  O and the fabric that I want to make my curtain out of for the kitchen is this.

Sorry the picture is so blurry.


3 responses to “What am I doing?

  1. OK-I have opinions.

    First of all, congratulations! I am so happy for you!

    OK-In our first house, we used this yellow color from Sherwin-Williams called something like Buttercream…I know it was butter-something. Normally, I’m not a yellow person, especially for decorating, but this was so smooth and creamy you could feel it! And I swear to God it went with everything! When we moved to our second house, we used the same exact color all over the downstairs…the furniture in each room was very different but it not only “matched” in each room, it tied the whole floor together and worked great! In this house, we decided to go with a sage green, but to tell you the truth…I want to go back to that yellow, but I’m afraid to tell Steven! HA!

    When you said Fiesta Ware, I immediately thought of that color…it would be perfect! It’s a light enough color that it doesn’t jump out and announce itself-it’s kind of like a cream or khaki, but it does have some color to it, and it lets the other colors stand out…like the colors in Fiesta Ware.

    Then I saw the fabric…I swear to you there is not a better color paint in the world for that fabric! Believe me, it would be beautiful behind those curtains. Now…you are going to have to tell me where you got that fabric because I want some. Or, I’ll just come get yours and you won’t have to worry about what color paint to use. lol!

  2. Hey, I just asked Steven if he remembered the name of the color…Buttery. He said though that he thinks they discontinued that “name”…but I’ll go in and try and find it…maybe that way it’ll be easier to break the news to Steven.

    And I also meant to say that I did see all the pictures you have on Flickr of the house…I love it and that color would go great in there! But, I would paint over the khaki in the living room with whatever color you use in the kitchen…it would flow a lot better!

  3. Definatly paint the kitchen RED! I think it would look good with your fabric AND the cabinets and sink since they are dark colors!!!!!!

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