Quilt are all sorts of emotion sewn together.

I love how quilts are sooooo sentimental. You have that indescribable joy when you are given a quilt. My great-grandmother passed away this last December. Grandma Goldie made millions of quilts. But did she have any of them?…not a one! She gave every quilt she made away, never sold one of them in her life. They were all gifts. I think giving a quilt as a gift shows a great big heart. Taking all of your hard labor and giving it to that special person that shows true love. I married the man of my dreams Sept 05 and in the wedding invitations that we send out I included a plain white square of fabric along with a card reading:

Buttons, bows, ribbon or lace.
Best wishes to the couple,
On your quilt space!

Then I included a self addressed stamped envelope along so they could send me all their work! The responses were way better than I expected. I LOVED getting those blocks back. Everyday I couldn’t wait to check the mail! I felt let down when none came that day. But after receiving them all I pieced the quilt together also using some fabrics of light pink and green (my wedding colors). Then my dad built a wall hanging shelf for the quilt and it even has some light to shine down. I also put the quilt up for display at the wedding everyone loved seeing their work all put together. I can’t wait until I’m the great-grandma to pass this quilt on in the generations to come. I hope for it to be a hot family item! Also in the middle of the quilt I put a picture the newly weds. Time flies when your married….that must mean I’m having fun!

 I have an infatuation with ladybugs…my dad made me this block.
My mom made some pretty yoyo flowers.

And there was even one for the hubby, he has a C5 sometimes I think he loves that more than he does me. He he jk.

Keep watching I am going to post some other quilts that I have made.








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