Get Real Monday…..Sewing Room Edition

I got inspired by Randi to post a room that is in serious need of my attention. In looking through the list of faithful followers I noticed a few other sewing rooms were posted. But nothing to the extent of this!

Looking in from the door way.

That over sized chair is usually in the living room but got stuck back here when we started the floor refinishing project.

The closet….

O did I mention that this room was actually clean about two weeks ago?

Can’t wait to get that room cleaned up…maybe that is why I haven’t wanted to do much in there lately.


3 responses to “Get Real Monday…..Sewing Room Edition

  1. I am always more motivated when things are tidy. My daughter,on the other hands thrives in a “creative mess”!

    thanks for playing along!

    Randi–I have to say

  2. Your sewing room’s not so bad, I can still see the floor LOL
    I know what you mean about not being motivated when you’ve got a mess to deal with, I’m the very same way.

  3. We’re about to do a floor refinishing project in our dining room–I’m not sure where the table will end up, but I hope it doesn’t get stuck somewhere. That’s been known to happen at our place, too.

    Thanks for posting!


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