Spring makes me all little girl giggly…

Look at all those blooms!  I just wish it stayed like that all year round.  Yesterday I went shopping with one of my friends to some fabric stores in a city near our small town. 
Before leaving that morning my husband finds me printing out a list of ALL the fabric stores in this city and then he says in a rather annoying, loud voice “Quit buying fabric!”  I have no clue why he would say that, surely it isn’t the fact that I have a shelffull already.  But after that little comment I just had to buy something.  So we started out at JoAnn’s where I found the cutest ever snail print and I am trying to figure out now what to make with it.  I also bought some “fruity” fabrics for spring.  I might use one of them for some new curtains in the kitchen when I decide to redo it.  Nothing major just cutting the cabinet doors up to put glass in the middle and paint them white.  And take down that wallpaper…that’s right I said WALLPAPER and to top it all of there is border also.  I have to say I thought it was kinda cute when we moved in but now I try not to look at the walls in my kitchen out of pure discust.  I’m sure you want to see what I’m talking about.  I hate this little valance thing they made….

The wallpaper up-close…

I want glass cabinet cutouts sooooo bad to show my fiestaware!  How cute would this look through a glass?  Like a little miniature china cabinet.

Over half of it is in the dishwasher…kinda hard getting them out with a couch in front of it!  Stupid floor refinishing!

My favorite piece…the egg tray.  It is just so cute with those little circles.

I know this blog has been from the tree to the kitchen and now a purse.  But I made this last night with some of my NEW fabric I purchased yesterday and here’s my first attempt at a wallet.

And my first zipper installation!!!!!

See ya tomorrow!  Where did this weekend go anyways?


One response to “Spring makes me all little girl giggly…

  1. Oh ACK! The deviled egg dish???? Totally fab!

    Those tiny little circles just make me smile…
    (and hungry for a deviled egg. Or 3…)

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