My Great Big Idea!

Literally……it is huge!  I love love love fiestaware!  So I decided I needed a fiesta table.  I wanted it to be tall so that we could sit at it with barstools.  It has 6 barstools that are painted fiesta colors, each a different color.  And the table is tall, black, and broken fiesta.  I had to beg persuade my dad to make the table for me.  It was a group project tiling the top and was really fun too.  I did have to hassle motivate my dad to hurry up on the table because I had six barstools sitting around the house for about a month waiting for their better half to get done.  But it’s finished now and I couldn’t be more happy!  Well unless I had a bigger house. 😉


4 responses to “My Great Big Idea!

  1. Wow, Wow, WOW!

    Your Fiesta table is so festive and fab and I just love it!

    MeLisa (at SewLittleThyme) and I are both big Fiesta fanatics – and we thought we might be the only non-grandmothers who appreciated it! So it’s lovely to find a fellow fan…

  2. This is truly gorgeous! I have a box of broken Fiesta & would love to try something like this. Where did you get the white tiles with the centers cut out? We have never seen them before.

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