Move over Bob Vila!

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I start so many projects and think that I have all the time in the world? O wait I know why it is that gene in me from my mother that makes me unsatisfied until I have repainted the same wall a different color 5 times. So I get this crazy idea that I am a woodworker and know how to refinish wood floors. Guess where I got my degree to do this…..”how to” guides on the internet! Yeah it can’t be that hard can it? You just have to sand, stain, and poly right? So does anyone out there use carpet fresh powder? Here is one reason you might want to stop….
We bought our shrinky dink house two years ago this coming Halloween. And I have not ever used carpet powder on my carpet! The old owner I think had a fetish with that stuff! Anyways I was glad to get rid of all that nasty, dusty, pile of allergies. If you have ever taken up old carpet it makes you never want it again. So I am glad to be refinishing the floors. We started on a Saturday sanding.

And after hours of that it was time to start staining! We started out with a color that was called American Cherry. I loved that color! But do you notice that HUGE water stain in the middle of the floor? To hide that we had to go to an extremely dark stain, Red Mahogany, ehh its ok. Just not the lovely American Cherry I had my heart set on. But that’s my life right?


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