Curtains for the Living Room or Movie Theater Stage Curtain?

Not quite sure which one it is….to me they are looking like the stage curtain for a theater. But there still isn’t any furniture in there so maybe when I move it back out of the kitchen and where it belongs it will look better. And why do I always forget to take a before picture? gahh that sucks….well if I get the energy this weekend I might put the old curtains back up for a before picture. I’m a nerd like that.

Notice the floors? They are o so dark! Don’t know for sure if I’m satisfied. I still need to get a new vent cover also. O and here is a picture of what the sheers might look like when I get then made.

Well this legal secretary is out of here to enjoy her non-legal weekend! Have a good one! I am going to try to get my floors all the way finished and hopefully by Monday the furniture will be out of the kitchen!


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