Little things make me smile!

Went to the post office today to file a lawsuit upstairs at the court clerks office. When I was leaving I remembered that I needed some stamps. So I get to the counter to purchase them and LOOK WHAT THEY HAD!

Those are little quilt stamps! How stinking cute are they?

Then I started sewing these cute little buttons on a pocket for little project that I have in mind. I will be posting the finished project later.

Notice the little smoke coming out of the train? 😉 It’s the small things!

Then I am trying to get this order finished up for a cozy cover. The lady picked out her own fabric and I didn’t care for it at first but it is starting to grow on me! Tonight I will finish up the hood part and also make some strap pad covers. I am also making a quilt for her out of the same dog gone (get it) fabric, ha ha I crack myself up!

And can someone tell me what it means when you crave olives? I can’t get enough of these things lately!


Four things….

Four jobs you have had in your life:

  1. Wal-Mart (I did everything there from Sporting Goods to Baby Dept.)
  2. Babysitter 😉
  3. Secretary at a chaotic Law Office full of nasty back-stabbing women!
  4. Secretary at a peaceful Law Office!

Four movies you would watch over and over:

1. A Walk to Remember
2. My Best Friends Wedding
3. Music and Lyrics
4. Dumb and Dumber

Four places you have lived:

1. Houston, MO
2. Solo, MO
3. Blackwell, OK
4. Ponca City, Ok

Four TV shows you love to watch:

  1. Supernanny
  2. What about Brian
  3. Wife Swap
  4. Friends

Four places you have been on vacation:

  1. Overland Park, KS
  2. Corpus Christi
  3. Mexico
  4. In my home. ( Hey that counts it was a vacation from working at number 3 job)

Four websites I visit daily:

  1. Myspace
  2. Hotmail
  3. Webpost

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. OLIVE GARDEN!!!!!!!!!!
  2. OLIVES (green)
  3. Anything with Cheese
  4. Avacodos

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. Eating at Olive Garden
  2. At home sewing.
  3. In bed
  4. Soaking in a bubble bath!

Get Real Monday…..Sewing Room Edition

I got inspired by Randi to post a room that is in serious need of my attention. In looking through the list of faithful followers I noticed a few other sewing rooms were posted. But nothing to the extent of this!

Looking in from the door way.

That over sized chair is usually in the living room but got stuck back here when we started the floor refinishing project.

The closet….

O did I mention that this room was actually clean about two weeks ago?

Can’t wait to get that room cleaned up…maybe that is why I haven’t wanted to do much in there lately.

I’m sad…

All I want is some fishys of the Heather Ross collection. Or I will take some of the mushrooms, gnomes, bikes, little vw vans, dots, stripes, beach print…..well just any of it. I have searched online and found nothing 😦

Quilt are all sorts of emotion sewn together.

I love how quilts are sooooo sentimental. You have that indescribable joy when you are given a quilt. My great-grandmother passed away this last December. Grandma Goldie made millions of quilts. But did she have any of them?…not a one! She gave every quilt she made away, never sold one of them in her life. They were all gifts. I think giving a quilt as a gift shows a great big heart. Taking all of your hard labor and giving it to that special person that shows true love. I married the man of my dreams Sept 05 and in the wedding invitations that we send out I included a plain white square of fabric along with a card reading:

Buttons, bows, ribbon or lace.
Best wishes to the couple,
On your quilt space!

Then I included a self addressed stamped envelope along so they could send me all their work! The responses were way better than I expected. I LOVED getting those blocks back. Everyday I couldn’t wait to check the mail! I felt let down when none came that day. But after receiving them all I pieced the quilt together also using some fabrics of light pink and green (my wedding colors). Then my dad built a wall hanging shelf for the quilt and it even has some light to shine down. I also put the quilt up for display at the wedding everyone loved seeing their work all put together. I can’t wait until I’m the great-grandma to pass this quilt on in the generations to come. I hope for it to be a hot family item! Also in the middle of the quilt I put a picture the newly weds. Time flies when your married….that must mean I’m having fun!

 I have an infatuation with ladybugs…my dad made me this block.
My mom made some pretty yoyo flowers.

And there was even one for the hubby, he has a C5 sometimes I think he loves that more than he does me. He he jk.

Keep watching I am going to post some other quilts that I have made.







Spring makes me all little girl giggly…

Look at all those blooms!  I just wish it stayed like that all year round.  Yesterday I went shopping with one of my friends to some fabric stores in a city near our small town. 
Before leaving that morning my husband finds me printing out a list of ALL the fabric stores in this city and then he says in a rather annoying, loud voice “Quit buying fabric!”  I have no clue why he would say that, surely it isn’t the fact that I have a shelffull already.  But after that little comment I just had to buy something.  So we started out at JoAnn’s where I found the cutest ever snail print and I am trying to figure out now what to make with it.  I also bought some “fruity” fabrics for spring.  I might use one of them for some new curtains in the kitchen when I decide to redo it.  Nothing major just cutting the cabinet doors up to put glass in the middle and paint them white.  And take down that wallpaper…that’s right I said WALLPAPER and to top it all of there is border also.  I have to say I thought it was kinda cute when we moved in but now I try not to look at the walls in my kitchen out of pure discust.  I’m sure you want to see what I’m talking about.  I hate this little valance thing they made….

The wallpaper up-close…

I want glass cabinet cutouts sooooo bad to show my fiestaware!  How cute would this look through a glass?  Like a little miniature china cabinet.

Over half of it is in the dishwasher…kinda hard getting them out with a couch in front of it!  Stupid floor refinishing!

My favorite piece…the egg tray.  It is just so cute with those little circles.

I know this blog has been from the tree to the kitchen and now a purse.  But I made this last night with some of my NEW fabric I purchased yesterday and here’s my first attempt at a wallet.

And my first zipper installation!!!!!

See ya tomorrow!  Where did this weekend go anyways?

Curtains for the Living Room or Movie Theater Stage Curtain?

Not quite sure which one it is….to me they are looking like the stage curtain for a theater. But there still isn’t any furniture in there so maybe when I move it back out of the kitchen and where it belongs it will look better. And why do I always forget to take a before picture? gahh that sucks….well if I get the energy this weekend I might put the old curtains back up for a before picture. I’m a nerd like that.

Notice the floors? They are o so dark! Don’t know for sure if I’m satisfied. I still need to get a new vent cover also. O and here is a picture of what the sheers might look like when I get then made.

Well this legal secretary is out of here to enjoy her non-legal weekend! Have a good one! I am going to try to get my floors all the way finished and hopefully by Monday the furniture will be out of the kitchen!

Valentine Purses

Me and one of my dear friends Holly threw a Valentine Party for some of our girlfriends.  As party favors we handed out handmade purses filled with goodies.  They were alot of fun to make together and even more fun giving them out.

My Great Big Idea!

Literally……it is huge!  I love love love fiestaware!  So I decided I needed a fiesta table.  I wanted it to be tall so that we could sit at it with barstools.  It has 6 barstools that are painted fiesta colors, each a different color.  And the table is tall, black, and broken fiesta.  I had to beg persuade my dad to make the table for me.  It was a group project tiling the top and was really fun too.  I did have to hassle motivate my dad to hurry up on the table because I had six barstools sitting around the house for about a month waiting for their better half to get done.  But it’s finished now and I couldn’t be more happy!  Well unless I had a bigger house. 😉

Move over Bob Vila!

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I start so many projects and think that I have all the time in the world? O wait I know why it is that gene in me from my mother that makes me unsatisfied until I have repainted the same wall a different color 5 times. So I get this crazy idea that I am a woodworker and know how to refinish wood floors. Guess where I got my degree to do this…..”how to” guides on the internet! Yeah it can’t be that hard can it? You just have to sand, stain, and poly right? So does anyone out there use carpet fresh powder? Here is one reason you might want to stop….
We bought our shrinky dink house two years ago this coming Halloween. And I have not ever used carpet powder on my carpet! The old owner I think had a fetish with that stuff! Anyways I was glad to get rid of all that nasty, dusty, pile of allergies. If you have ever taken up old carpet it makes you never want it again. So I am glad to be refinishing the floors. We started on a Saturday sanding.

And after hours of that it was time to start staining! We started out with a color that was called American Cherry. I loved that color! But do you notice that HUGE water stain in the middle of the floor? To hide that we had to go to an extremely dark stain, Red Mahogany, ehh its ok. Just not the lovely American Cherry I had my heart set on. But that’s my life right?